Our Business Objective


To build and maintain long term relationships with clients to create value through quality service, reliable performance, trust and respect.



Our Principles


Based on the renowned maxim of Think Big, Act Small, Croyden’s is characterised by its agility in responding to clients’ needs and delivering quality performance. JT & PA Croyden Pty Ltd provides services by:

  • Creating value by applying efficient and real-world working practices

  • Scoping, managing and executing work in a cost and time effective manner while providing a practical and quality solution

  • Working with clients to clearly identify needs, outcomes and objectives

  • Building and maintaining a positive working relationship with our clients



Our Values


  • Performance

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Agility

Our Organisation


JT & PA Croyden Pty Ltd delivers a comprehensive suite of civil works through its extensive fleet and resource materials. Due to client demands, an emerging focus of the business is the integrated project management services allowing us to deliver industry specific and site specific tailored services to clients.


The company’s corporate office is located in Sarina, Queensland.


The Company’s Executive Management comprises

          John Croyden        Chairman of the Board

          Patricia Croyden    Company Secretary and Director

          Stefan Tomerini      General Manager



A small team at Corporate Office provides the business services function for the entire organisation.


Key professionals with a sound knowledge of the business contribute specialist expertise as required. This gives us the flexibility to access the scope and level of expertise when required thus increasing efficiencies.


Operations and maintenance are supported via the equipment base at our workshop materials yard also accommodating the in-house fleet.

The team is allocated to transport and logistics works and for resource site projects, operational employees are rostered to the respective client’s sites.  To ensure a more effective working relationship with the client and execution of works, a dedicated Croyden on-site representative is designated as the single point of contact for communication and daily operations. This means that many issues can be discussed and resolved at the work level, which supports timely project progress.



Our People


JT & PA Croyden Pty Ltd is committed to providing a positive work environment where employees are genuinely rewarded for their contribution to the company’s success.


Our personnel have extensive industry experience and exposure complemented by a practical approach. They understand the importance of effectively applying this knowledge and expertise across the respective client’s sites undertaking a broad spectrum of activities.

JT & PA Croyden Pty Ltd supports an extensive training framework including records management through the Fleetmanager Program. The company makes a significant investment in workplace training and upskilling. Where relevant, training is aligned to national competency standards. Employees also are supported with maintaining their licensing requirements.

The standards expected of our employees are extremely high and we focus on meeting individual client’s needs with competent employee performing quality work.


The company currently has a core team of permanent employees complemented by a flexible resource pool of regular workers to more ably respond to the fluctuating demands of our clients. In addition, fully qualified and highly trained personnel provide in house servicing and maintenance. For brand equipment, we have a longstanding association with the local authorised agents for commissioning, servicing and maintenance.


Stefan Tomerini, who has some thirty (30) years experience in transport and logistics, ranging from large corporates to owner operator, and private entities, manages the company.


Meet The Team

Stefan Tomerini

General Manager