Civil Works


Today we are a company, which owns and operates an extensive fleet with the resources and expertise to drive delivery of optimal civil solutions for our clients. Of some seventy (70) items of plant, there are twelve (12) truck and trailers, nine (9) water carts, five (5) loaders, two (2) excavators and selected support and service equipment.


For any baseload equipment on site under long-term contract, for example, water trucks and excavators, we have support plant available to replace equipment when out of service for programmed maintenance, as well as any unscheduled maintenance. This support plan provides added value for the client, and maximises uptime.


Through strategic alliances, we are readily able to source more specialised equipment to complement our core fleet and deliver industry specific and tailored service to clients.


Our fleet is maintained to the highest possible standards to ensure safety and reliability. This is effected through a comprehensive program of preventative and programmed maintenance. Furthermore our in-house service team assists with a timely response to any equipment diagnostics in the work environment in the event unplanned maintenance is required.


In addition we have a carefully managed capital replacement program to ensure our equipment and resources are a quality offering to clients. This supports not only efficient and reliable application of our resources for enhanced customer service, but also underpins our commitment to safety, foremost of our employees, and others in the workplace proximity, as well as appropriate care of our equipment.


The attention to a dedicated maintenance and capital replacement program enhances the performance of our assets and increases uptime, which has contributed to our solid reputation as a responsive and reliable quality service provider.








Project Management



We work closely with the client as early as possible to validate the project brief. The earlier our involvement with the client enhances our proven ability to create value and enhance project outcomes. By working together on the nature of the work, specific task and site requirements, safety information can be explored to ensure appropriate processes and management, as well as programming and scheduling refinements to ensure a timely and effective completion. Open and regular communication based on roles and accountabilities also enhances results.


JT & PA Croyden has operated at the coal terminals of Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal and Hay Point Services for a combined total of some sixty (60) years.


The Scope of Services across these contracts includes (but is not limited to)


          -  Dust Suppression

          -  Car park maintenance

          -  Perimeter road maintenance and works

          -  Stockpile maintenance (including access areas, drains and roadways, cleaning of pits, surge bins,

          -  Dam cleaning (recent special project for DBCT P/L - Removal of coal fines from the industrial dam)


In addition we have operated at two coal mines involved in long term hire.

This includes six (6) years at Coppabella mine operating five (5) water trucks operating 24/7. We established our own workshop on-site to provide support at the ready. An earlier contract in the resources sector was to provide drainage and maintenance services at Burton Mine for six (6) years.